April 03, 2019
5 Beauty Myths It’s Time to Break

Beauty Myths Your Grandmother May Not Have Been Right About

Everyone has a grandmother, or knows of a grandmother, who swears by one ritual or another that will keep your skin radiating deep into midlife and even old age. However, the more we learn about the body, the ingredients inside of what seem like timeless beauty lines, we start to think, “hmm, maybe that age-old trick is dated and potentially harmful for my skin and health.” We don’t want to put down your grandma or anything, we just want to make sure you’re making safe, promising choices when it comes to your beauty and health.

1. Baking Soda is Good for Your Skin

False. Actually baking soda has extremely high alkaline levels that can damage the acid mantle (protective layer of the skin), which can cause dryness or even oiliness. Baking soda may be good for your scalp, but better keep it off your face.

2. Pulling Out Grey Hair Causes Greyness

Aren’t we glad we’ve cleared that myth out of the way? Pulling out one grey hair cannot cause more grey hairs to grow back in its place. This doesn’t mean you should pull out white hairs when you see them, but you don’t have to worry about growing three more if you just couldn’t resist.

3. “I’m already tan, I won't burn.”

Nope, not true, you’re still at a sunburn risk no matter how many layers of melanin your body is producing. Melanin is what gives you that darker looking skin tone (which we all secretly, or not so secretly love).

4. Hot Water Opens Pores, Cold Water Shrinks Pores

Yup, it’s true, or in this case, not true. Pores can’t open or close. No matter how well we’ve convinced ourselves that we really feel the sensation, it just aint true.

5. The More You Cut Your Hair the Faster it Grows

Hair grows from the roots, not from the ends. Cutting the hair may make the hair look healthier, but it’s not going to stimulate new hair growth. We just notice the new length after a short cut more than when our hair is at its usual length.

Adi Adler


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