May 12, 2019
Basic Mistakes to Avoid When Washing Your Hair

Who knew that washing your hair had its own little tricks and enemies? There are many dos and don'ts to washing the hair correctly if you want your hair to look her best. And let’s get real, guys care about how their hair looks as much as women do, so feel free to share these tips with your boyfriend or brother, they’ll appreciate the handy hints.

Avoid using hot water

Though we all know how sensational it feels to take a steaming hot shower, in actuality, your skin and hair don’t appreciate it much. High heat showers damage your roots and weakens the hair, which leads to breakage, frizz and dry hair. Not exactly the look you were going for.

Rinse your hair before shampooing

Take your time running that cool water through your hair and scalp. Allowing the water to soak and run through the hair will help strip the hair of any dirty debris or toxins from the air that found its way into your hair. Once you’ve rinsed the hair a few times then you can add your scrub and rub shampoo, which will then be able to penetrate the roots and hair shafts more easily. You can also add a few drops of Oil Essentials Lavender & Rose Hip to your shampoo or conditioner to amp up the moisture and aroma of your hair.

Don’t tie your hair after your shower

Tying wet hair after a shower can cause mildew to grow in the hair, especially if you have locs or thick hair. In other cases, tying the hair when wet weakens the hair strands and damages the now clean hair. So let her loose and set her free for optimal health and shine!

Adi Adler


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