August 13, 2019
Essential Everyday Jewelry for the Trendy Girl

Trending styles change on the regular, but everyday jewelry is an essential staple that will add a personal twist to your in-vogue outfit. The trick is to choose a piece of jewelry that is versatile enough to add some ‘oomph’ to your casual or elegant outfit. No matter what the occasion is, every girl has an everyday piece. 

Everyday Earrings

When it comes to choosing your everyday earrings, you’ll want to choose earrings that are true silver or gold. This way you don’t have to take them off everytime you go in the water or shower. Many women choose thin hoops for their everyday earrings, especially ones that won’t weigh down too heavily on the ears. It’s almost like our earrings become a part of us, and we even forget that we’re wearing them! An alternative to delicate hoops are diamond earrings. Diamonds these days are not for everyone, but if they're your true calling in life, we say go for it. 

Everyday Necklace

When it comes to choosing your everyday necklace you may want to find something that has a little more meaning than just a cute piece you found on pintrest. Some women opt for their astrological sign, their birthstone, or a stone they resonate with. Either way, when it comes to your everyday necklace, be brave and make it bold. Just because you’re wearing it everyday doesn’t mean it can’t be a unique eye catcher, actually, that’s probably your best everyday piece, one that is striking and makes you stand out from the rest. A unique piece will also add style to any outfit, and can upgrade a casual H&M outfit well above the others on your subway ride, at school, or in the office. 

Everyday Bracelets

Everyday bracelets have a wide range of possibilities. Many women choose to stack their bracelets with thin and chunky bracelets, while others prefer one thin elegant piece that goes with everything from their Lululemon track outfit to their bridesmaid's dress. Either way, the main bracelet never comes off, not even when you’re ready to stack up on a few more bangles for the sleeveless evening that could potentially change your life. 

Adi Adler


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