May 12, 2019
How a Beer Bath Can Improve Your Skin

Ever imagine you would soak yourself in a beer bath while you were sober? Apparently, beer has been used topically for hops, whoops...heaps of centuries, which can explain why you can find beer spas all around Europe.

What is a Beer Spa?

If you’ve ever been to Europe it’ll come as no surprise that European countries like Germany, Austria and Czech Republic have found more ways to indulge in their adoration for beer. Some beer spas are even inside the actual brewery. At a beer spa you can immerse yourself in a beer bath, treat yourself to a beer based facial and even a beer inspired massage (we’re still talking topically here). In the actual beer bath active yeast, hops and aromatic healing herbs are boiled in water and then mixed with beer. After one has soaked in the beer they can wrap themselves in a towel and allow the skin to soak up the nutritional ingredients.  

What are the Benefits of Beer on Skin and Hair?

Are you still thinking, “Fine, but why would I want to get into a barrel of beer with my friends?” Well, the thing is, beer is said to improve damaged skin cells, have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which can help fight against several skin conditions like eczema, skin cancer, and pigmentary disorders. Beer can stimulate new and healthy hair growth, which is why many people are adding it to their natural hair care routines. The barely found in beer can reduce wrinkles, the yeast can hydrate dry skin and even improve acne on the face and around the body. So, did we just give you a reason to love your beer both inside and out?

Adi Adler


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