May 23, 2019
How to Create the 'No Makeup' Look with Make up, huh?

Just because you want to wear makeup doesn’t mean it has to show. Some days we don’t feel like taking our makeup as far as Lady Gaga, and we just want people to envy us for our natural beauty. Whoops, did we say ‘envy,’ we meant appreciate? We’ll let you keep your intentions to yourself, leave it to us to break down how to achieve the ‘No Makeup’ look with discrete and simple brush strokes.

Step One- Take Care of Your Skin

Make sure to exfoliate your skin, or use skin masks to keep it looking its best. A clean face, without hidden dirt and dead skin cells is the place to start. Then keep your skin hydrated so it can look and feel top notch.

Eye Patching

No, of course we’re not recommending to cover those dark circles under your eyes with an eye-patch, especially because you can only wear one at a time. What we mean here is finding a corrector to massage under your eyes. Choose a color that’s close to your natural skin tone. Then add a similar cream eye shadow to work over the eyelids.

Onto the Eye Lashes

Find an amazing eye lash curler to raise those eyelashes as high as you can handle them. Sometimes just curling the eyelashes is enough, but if you feel like adding a little extra something, add a thin layer of mascara only to the top lashes and call it natural.

Avoid the Heavy Stuff and the Powders

Try to avoid heavy foundations. It’s very difficult to achieve this look after applying a thick layer of foundation onto your face that many mediocre makeup detectives can notice within minutes. While we’re here, light creams usually look more natural than powders, since they blend into the skin rather than float on its surface. Opt for a cream blush, for example, instead of a powder, if you absolutely need that cheekbone lift.

Lips Last

And finally, choose a tinted balm to add some color to your lips. Tinted balms are the perfect solution for adding a color that looks and feels natural without overdoing. On the plus side, natural balms will also keep your lips hydrated throughout the day and night, need we say more?

Adi Adler


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