April 03, 2019
Why Makeup Remover Should Be A Part of Your Nightly Ritual

We all know what it’s like to arrive home after a long day, or even better, a long night, with the one and only objective on our minds, “bed.” If you do choose to avoid that there actually is makeup on your face, besides running the risk of ruining your pillow sheets, you may not realize that this, “not tonight” decision has long term effects on your skin, lips and eyelashes.


Did you know that while you’re sleeping your skin is working at restoring itself?

If you neglect to remove the day’s makeup from your face before getting into that deliciously horizontal position, you’re not giving your skin the time it needs to breathe and restore itself. When your skin is covered in makeup, and realistically, dirt and debris from the toxins in the air, it doesn’t have the time to rejuvenate and work at keeping you looking your best.


The 3 Major Reasons Why You Will Never Go to Sleep with Makeup On Again!

  • Reduces the risks of blackheads, pimples and blemishes- Naturally, if your skin can’t breathe and your pores are clogged with makeup and the day’s sweat, you’re more prone to pimples and blackheads.
  • It causes aging- Let’s get real, you’re not going to look 22 forever, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try! Start protecting your skin now with a great makeup remover before it’s too late!
  • Wake up feeling fresh and clean- What are the chances you’ll wake up looking as good as you had when you first applied your makeup on? Not very high. Most artists love to begin their work on a blank canvas and so should you. It’s so much nicer to wake up with a natural glow than to wake up afraid of the clumpy marks that may be damaging the sensitive skin under your eyes and around your face.

    Choosing the right makeup remover can drastically improve your skin. If you need to keep your makeup remover next to your bed to ensure that you remove that makeup from your face then do that! As long as you find a routine that works best for you to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy!

    Adi Adler


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