August 13, 2019
How to Mix and Match Jewelry 

We have seen heaps of mixing and matching down the runway plenty of times, but how exactly do these models pull it off? Well, besides for being outrageously beautiful, there is a clean and clear formula to mixing and matching jewelry, here are some tips on how to do it with style and strut your stuff with complete confidence. 

Oh where oh where to begin?

If you absolutely love jewelry and can’t seem to get enough of accessories, you may be wondering where to begin the fun. We say the best place to start is with your favorite piece, or the one you absolutely need to wear today. Once you’ve settled on your starting point allow the inspiration to flow, you can start with a relic, your everyday piece, or the newest addition to your collection, that part is up to you. 

Layer it up

Once you’ve zoned in on your starting point the party truly begins. If you’ve started with a long necklace, find another complementary necklace that is shorter or longer than the one you began with. Then you may find a third necklace that falls right above, below or in between the two incredible pieces you have began your journey with. We’ve finally been given the thumbs up to mix and match gold with silver, which means you shouldn’t sell yourself short by sticking to one type of metal, when you can have them all! 

Don't be modest! 

There’s a time and place for everything, and while modesty is certainly a virtue, it has no placement while your mixing and matching with style and pizzazz. Once you’ve got your necklaces intuitively aligned, go for the bracelets and rings that compliment your choices. The best way to go wild with style is to mark your common thread. You can choose a color, shape or stone of the day. The possibilities are endless, but the essential rule is to make sure your combination makes you feel confident and stylish, otherwise what’s all the fun for? You can get as diverse as you feel as long as you can stay in tune with a flow from one piece to the final touch. And dont be afraid to remove some pieces if it doesn't work with your final results. 

Adi Adler


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