April 03, 2019
The Beauty Benefits of Keratin Infused Products

First off, what is keratin exactly? We’ve heard the word and read it on labels so often that we almost forgot to ask where it comes from and why it’s good for our hair. Apparently, keratin is already in our hair and is what makes up our fingernails, hair and horns. No, but seriously, keratin is found in horns, feathers and wool as well, of course, we’re talking animals over here.


Origins of Keratin

Unfortunately, you’ll have a really hard time finding a vegan sticker on any product that has keratin listed as an ingredient. Keratin is actually a protective protein extracted from the wool, horns and feathers of certain animals and then infused into some of the best beauty products. So, if you have any animal rights activists planning on spending the weekend in your place, better store your keratin products in the far corners of your bathroom cabinets.


The majority of our hair is made up of keratin and is what gives your hair its strength and elasticity. Many beauty lines have utilized this ingredient because it is understood to boost and bolster your hair’s health. When your hair is low in keratin the hair will be weaker, more prone to breakage and therefore frizzier. After using keratin shampoo, conditioner or serum your results will depend on your hair type and the product you choose, but typically you should expect smoother glossier hair.


Who Benefits from Keratin Products?

If you frequently add chemical treatments to your hair, bleach, color or highlight your hair, swimming in chlorinated water, or expose your hair to high levels of heat, then you are probably experiencing moments of weakness (in your hair of course). The keratin found in your beauty product line of choice works at rebuilding your hair’s cellular structure, filling in the gaps of protein your hair needs to look and feel healthy.

Adi Adler


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