May 12, 2019
How to Stop Hair Breakage

Hair breakage is usually due to extremely dry and brittle hair, but in truth, your hair doesn’t have to be abnormally dry in order for it to snap, crack, and break. If you want to prevent hair breakage, here are some of your best tips to improve and strengthen your hair.

How and When to Brush Your Hair

Apparently, it’s a myth that you should be brushing your hair everyday. Brushing your hair too much will cause more breakage, especially if you’re not using the right kind of comb or brush. It is recommended to use wide-tooth combs and brushes made from natural fibers to prevent excessive breakage.

Heat Damage

A major cause of hair breakage is an excessive exposure to heat. If you absolutely need to use that blow dryer, hair iron, or curling iron then it’s best to use products that help protect the hair from extreme heat. Products like Emilia Moroccan Oil Treatment are made to protect the hair and encourage new and healthy hair growth.

Keep Your Hair Hydrated

Over washing the hair, using cotton towels and pillows, will strip the hair of its natural moisture leaving it dry and brittle. If you’re prone to dry hair then try to extend the period between washing, avoid twisting your hair into a cotton towel which will tangle and break the hair and avoid cotton pillow cases which dry out your skin and hair.

Adi Adler


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