June 03, 2019

Ways You're Making Your Break out Even Worse Without Even Knowing It!


Spotting the beginnings of a pimple in-process may be one of the worst things that can happen to your skin. It’s not that noticing the pimple will generate a whole colony of pimples, but it’s the measures you may take to permanently destroy it from your face that may cause more damage than good.

Picking Your Face

God, is it hard to resist pressing that pimple before its had time to blossom and bloom all over your face. Picking and popping pimples on your face with your fingers and nails can lead to scarring, spreading bacteria, and more pimples. If you absolutely need to get that pimple, try using an extraction tool to get rid of the evidence. But, if you can, the best thing to do is ignore, ignore, ignore; “Ignorance is bliss” can be true after all.

Applying Acne Products Upon First Signs of a Breakout

Overloading your skin with a strong acne product to smother the breakout before it’s ready to flourish all over your face may not be your best option. Instead of attacking the potential breakout with harsh products, try to find a more gentle product which you can use daily to clean your skin. Take preventative measures before your skin starts dropping zit hints.

Aggressive Scrub Mode

When some of us notice a breakout coming on we reach for the faucet, turn on the hot water tap and begin to aggressively scrub away the skin’s outer layer. Considering the skin is probably already inflamed, scrubbing the skin will only make it more irritated. Instead, reach for a natural skin exfoliator that is gentle on the skin. And, whatever you do, try not to get too stressed!

Adi Adler


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